Langkawi weather in January


January Highlights

Lots of tourists keep pouring in during January and the reason is quite obvious. January marks the beginning of the real dry & warm season in Langkawi, and tourists love it. So it's part of the high season. There is virtually no rains and the sky remains mostly clear (although there can be exceptions). 
It's usually a great time for outdoor activities including water sports and tours. The ocean remains calm. So one can plan out day cruises and boat tours to nearby islands. 
January marks the start of summer and the temperature rises through the month. On an average the day high hovers around 33°C (91°F). During the night time the temperature comes down to about 23°C (73°F). 
There is practically no rains during this time although once in a while it may shower but in very short spurts giving you a welcome relief from the scorching sun. You get enough sunshine through out the day. Like in all other months, the humidity during the day time remains quite high around 85°. But it comes down at night and early morning. 
After a new year's eve party on December 31st night, the islanders celebrate 1st January with great music and food. You will find most of the restaurants full on this day. The Royal Langkawi International Regatta is usually held in January. This is a grand event and one of the greatest yachting competitions of South East Asia where yachters from all over the world participate. It is held in huge fanfare. 
January Weather Chart 
Temperature High:
33°C (91°F)
Temperature Low:
23°C (73°F)
Sea Temperature:
29°C (84°F)
Humidity High:
Humidity Low:
Sunshine (Avg.):
8 Hours
Sunrise Time (Avg.):
Sunset Time (Avg.):

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