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Cyclotourism or Bike Tourism in Langkawi

The Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) has introduced 7 cyclotourism trails in 2021. It's a great opportunity for bikers to explore the island's wonderful landscapes, villages, mountains and nature. Note that Langkawi is already a venue for international cycling events such as Le Tour de Langkawi and Ironman Malaysia. 
The Cyclotourism trails are: 
  • The Legendary Route, 
  • Ironman Route, 
  • Gunung Raya Route, 
  • 99Bikes MTB Trail, 
  • Chengkuan MTB Trail, 
  • Bukit Sawak Trail, and  
  • Buffalo Park Trail. 

    4-hour guided cycle tour

    This bike tour gives you the rare opportunity to explore the rural areas of Langkawi, its countryside, paddy fields, fishing villages and lot more that are otherwise not easily seen by the tourists. 
    These tours mainly focus on leisure and enjoyable nature rides rather than distance and speed. As you pass by the paddy fields, the experience guide will tell you about the rice cultivation process in the island and how it evolved over time. 
    You will pass by river banks and visit a fishing village as well. You will see how the fishermen bring their catch of the day as they tie up their boats on the shore. As you paddle along, you will pass through villages known locally as Kampungs. You will get to see traditional Malay houses that are built on stilts. They were built by ethnic natives and used as homes for their extended families. The guide will tell you about the history, heritage and culture of Langkawi. 
    And there will be ample opportunities of spotting many colorful birds and small animals like Kingfishers, hornbills and monitor lizards. 
    Depending on the route chosen on the day, you are likely to visit and experience several of the following during the cycling tour: 
  • Local Malay Villages (i.e. kampungs), 
  • Old Mackcik’s (Aunty) house in a village,  
  • Rubber estates, 
  • Ride through forested land,  
  • Ride by the Paddy fields,  
  • Ride along river banks, 
  • Come to a fishing village, 
  • Visit a local market, 
  • Visit Gamat and Tongkat Ali stalls where you can get natural healing oils and other herbs. 
  • There would be few stops for you to take a break and have some refreshments. 
    The cycle ride usually covers a distance of about 12kms and takes a total of 3-4 hours time. Overall the tour will let you have a great flavor of the countryside, day-to-day life of Malay people in rural areas, their culture and the world they live in. The operator will arrange for hotel pick up and drop services. Wear a cotton T-shirt, a hat/cap, comfortable shoes, shorts, and carry lots of sun protection lotion. 
    One of the best nature cycling trips is offered by Dev's Adventure Tours to explore the villages and nature in the island. They offer the above or similar guided biking tours. They have great moutain bikes (21 gears) and provide experienced guides. Check out Top Nature Tour Operators to get information about them, their full offerings and contacts for inquiry & booking the tours. 

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