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There are several overnight cruises available in Langkawi, but most on a private chartered basis. which means you will need to charter the whole yacht. So if you have a small private group of your own like families &áfriends, or have lots of money in your pocket, you can take a private yacht and sail overnight in Langkawi waters. 
So why sail overnight? Because over and above soaking in the views from the deck, enjoying swims &árelaxing on secluded island beaches, there are several things that can't be experienced during a day sailing cruise. For example, if you want to experience a dinner on a yacht floating in the middle of the ocean, sleep on an open deck under the starry sky while the yacht rocks gently, or like to watch a stunning sunrise from the deck of a yacht, how else can you do it? 
So where do you sail during an overnight cruise in Langkawi? There are several operators offering different options and you can even customize your own sailing course and decide what you do and when. However it's best to leave it to the experience of the captain and the crew, as they know best about the water area around Langkawi. 
The Yacht Damai Indah Lagi 
Some operators like Crystal Yacht offer sailing cruises over several nights. However one of the best overnight cruises that we have experienced with our own private group was with Damai Indah who offers a 2-days/1-night cruise which is ideal to get an all round flavor of the island from the ocean. 
Here are some highlights of a typical overnight cruise by Damai Indah: 
1) The yacht used for the overnight cruise is Damai Indah Lagi, which was the second yacht purchased on resale by owner Eva in July 2011. It has been completely refurbished since then. It's a 56-ft sailing yacht with two decks (the upper deck is open but fully furnished). 
It can accommodate up to 25 persons during day time. But for night cruises, inside air-conditioned sleeping capacity is only 4. So if some of you are willing to sleep in the open, it can easily accommodate more than 4 persons for overnight cruises. The bathroom is small but nice and has a shower. There is also an outside shower. 
2) It starts at 12 noon from Royal Langkawi Yacht Club marina in Kuah. You can choose a different time if you like. It sails towards the island Pulau Tuba in south east. Along the way, they serve lunch - great Tapas dishes. Of course wine, beer and other beverages are available all the time in well stocked ice boxes. 
3) The first anchor is in a calm scenic water area in between five islands. Here you can take a kayak or the crewed rubber dinghy and explore the wonderful water area around. Kayak &áthe dinghy go with the yacht and available all the time. You can see golden brown and white belly sea eagles flying around and diving from the sky for their catch. If you are lucky you can even see kingfishers and the great hornbills. You can also go down to a cave full of bats. 
4) They will set sail again towards south after about an hour of anchorage and you will pass by Dayang Bunting island and the famous Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. This fresh water beautiful lake is separated from the sea by a thin line of rocks, but surprisingly has fresh water. Just south of this, there is a water area surrounded by three islands. This place has been the hideout of the pirates in the earlier days. This is where the second anchorage takes place. 
5) Close by there is a beautiful secluded island beach. It is so scenic that several films have been shot in this area. You can take the kayak or the dinghy and go down to the beach, have a refreshing swim or just relax while soaking in the wonderful views all around. 
6) Next you will pass through a narrow water channel with dramatic limestone cliffs and mangrove swamps on the shores... another beautiful scenic place. This place is known as "Fjord" and this is where you will anchor for the night. They have music systems on board. Best is to go to the upper open deck, lie down and relax, hear the sounds of the creatures from the forests and be in a world of fantasy for a while.  
7) The dinner is served on the upper deck which gets lit up and becomes a beautiful floating open restaurant. The highlight of the dinner includes catch of the day which is often a red or white snapper. Other items include chicken &áprawn dishes, beef tenderloin, range of vegetables along with rice and noodles. However, if you let them know in advance, they will make the menu to your choice. 
8) So after a sumptuous dinner and having heard some soft music, it's time to sleep. While you can choose to sleep in the air-conditioned cabin, a unique experience is to sleep on the open upper deck under the starry sky. They provide comfortable mattresses. You won't know when you fall asleep as the boat continues to sway gently. 
9) Wake up early in the morning and watch the stunning sunrise from the yacht. After a swim and shower, get ready for a great breakfast. They offer choice of breads, eggs, jam &ábutter, fresh fruit juices, tea &ácoffee. 
10) Rest of the day is spent in leisure sailing by many small islands that belongs to Langkai archipelago. You can anchor anywhere you want. You can go for another round of swim on a beach, or explore the mangrove forest and its many flora &áfauna like the monitor lizards, monkeys, or just relax on the deck while reading a book. 
11) At around 6pm, they will return to the departure point. But on the way back, if you want they will show you the magnificent sunset from the Bass Harbor of Kuah. The sun sets behind the western mountains of Gunung Raya. On your return to the departure point, they can set up a dining table for you at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, if you make a request. But that will be at extra cost. 
10) The basic rate for the overnight cruise by Damai Indah is RM6000 that covers the yacht, crew and fuel. There is additional charge of RM300 per adult that applies for the food &ádrinks. The rate includes hotel transfers. 

Langkawi Top Overnight Cruise Operators

While there are several cruise operators who offer overnight cruises in Langkawi, some of the best ones include Damai Indah, Crystal Yacht, Blue Water Star Sailing etc. 
Visit Langkawi Top Sailing Cruise Operators to know about them, about their yachts, offerings, rates and contact information for inquiry &ábookings. 

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