Langkawi Jungle Trek

This is a light trek through the quiet and secluded jungle of Mount Mat Cincang. The rainforest here is home to wide range of trees, plants, different kinds of small animals and bird life. There are several operators who offer easy treks through this jungle on a hilly terrain. The treks usually last for about 3 to 4 hours and start in Pantai Kok area behind the Berjaya Resort. 
Mount Mat Cincang is the oldest mountain in the whole of South East Asia and was formed some 550 million years ago. It is the second highest mountain in Langkawi. 
Despite its age, the foliage on it has remained very lush and full with green trees and plants. The mountain and the forest are part of UNESCO World Heritage Geoparks. 
There are over 400 species of trees in Langkawi. This trek will show you and provide a lot of information about several of these that are over 70 meters height. You will also see several of the many bird species in the jungle including eagles and hornbills. You will pass by a jungle stream. The guide will show you many other aspects of the forest life including fungus formations, termite mounts and so on. 
However one of the highlights of the trek is spotting the many animals. During the day time you will see animals like the macaque monkeys, monitor lizards, giant squirrels and so on. 
Some operators also offer a combination of daytime trek and after dark walk through the jungle. The second part of this trek allows you to see the nightlife in the forests as the nocturnal animals start moving around. The jungle starts unveiling a different picture as the dusk sets in. This trip would offer almost 100% assurance of showing you flying lemurs that glide between the giant trees, and about 80% assurance of spotting the flying squirrels (either pigmy or red giant). You may also be able to see flying foxes. 
The fitness level required in this trek is average. It requires walk along a hilly terrain. Although this trek is quite easy &áenjoyable, and suitable for ages up to 12, there are also lighter treks offered by some operators for families with small children. Such treks take you to a jungle stream for a refreshing swim in a beautiful natural setting. 
I would advice that you wear closed shoes like comfortable sneakers or walking boots, cotton T-shirt, a cap, and long trousers. There are usually no leeches on this trail. Also bring with you some drinking water and a small backpack. 
If you are physically absolutely fit and want to take up the challenging trek to the summit of Mount Mat Cincang, then check out Trek to Mount Mat Cincang Peak

Best time for the treks

While it is possible to take the guided nature tours/treks in any season, the best time is during November to March. The weather remains fine &ádry with gentle breeze flowing from the North East. The average temperature hovers around 32 degree Celsius. The wet season is between June to October when you can expect rains. There can also be lightning and thunders. The annual rainfall in Langkawi is quite heavy (about 100 inches).  
So during the monsoon time there can be very heavy showers but usually in short spurts. The breeze flows from South West. During the wet season it often remains cloudy so you won't get much views. The rainforest also gets quite wet and slippery at places. All through the year, the humidity level in Langkawi remains quite high (about 80%). 

Top operators &áhow to book a trek

While there are several tour operators in the island who offer the above treks, there are only select few who specialize in these treks and provide very knowledgeable &áfriendly guides. These guides can also speak proper English. Visit Top Nature Tour Operators to get information about them, their full offerings and contacts for booking the trips.  

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