Langkawi Gift & Souvenir Stores

Gifts &ásouvenirs are the most sought after items in the island. After all having visited Langkawi, you will like to take back some gifts for your dear ones and some souvenirs to take back the memories. No wonder there are hundreds of shops that have mushroomed in the island selling all kinds of gifts &ásouvenir items. 
Walk along the streets of Pantai Cenang or Kuah, every other shop would be a Gift &áSouvenir shop or at least have a section dedicated to that. 
So the next question is what kind of items are you looking for? If you are a serious buyer looking for some authentic art &ácraft ware, crystal &áglasswork, then there are some places in the island that will blow your mind away. But you will need some money in your pocket or else you will only keep watching such handcrafted wonders.  

High Quality Crafts

If this is what you are looking for then one such great area to visit is Craft Complex, a large craft house near the northern shoreline of the island showcasing intricate artwork &ádesigns by local and reputed artists &áartisans. You will get forest based products, exquisite silver &ábrass ware, paper based products, wood &ábamboo carvings, clothes &áapparel, batik prints and even Sogkets that are made of gold &ásilver threads being interwoven into a textile. 
Right next to the Craft Complex is another gem of an artwork studio, Faizy Crystal which is a glass blowing studio making exquisite glass items like figures of birds, animals, flowers, then flower vases, plates and lot more. You can see the artists making the pieces right in front of you. Another such similar place is Langkawi Crystal in Kuah town. 
If you take interest in authentic Batik art &áprints, visit Atma Alam Batik Art Village, a place where resident artists and the owners themselves create amazing batik prints. Don't forget to pick up a batik art on silk. 
If you are interested in Kashmiri Art from India, then visit Asian Heritage Center. This is an outlet of the company 'Little Kashmir' which has now extended its reach globally and makes exquisite products in the area of art, shawls, furnishing, woodcraft, silk carpet and jewelry that genuinely reflect the art of Kashmir in India. You will find their outlet opposite to Underwater World in Pantai Cenang (No 7 &á8 Landcons Square; Phone: +604-9663002) 

Popular Gift &áSouvenirs

Well those were for serious shoppers. But most of us are probably interested in small tidbits and stuffs that are cheap but can serve as attractive gifts for friends and family members back home. So if you are one of them looking for stuffs like cool Langkawi T-shirts at cheap prices, or key rings, caps etc, then here are some great shopping venues: 

Art Zone Delight Shop

This store is located in Kuah town. Here you can buy lots of cheap souvenirs and art. There are wide range of items here, mostly very cheap including key rings of different types, perfumed pen stands, handcrafted pencils, caps &áhats, belts, bags, sandals, banners, printed cloth pieces and lot more. A simple key ring could be as cheap as RM1. 
Art Zone, Kuah Langkawi 
Address &áContacts: 54, Jalan Pandak Mayah 5, Pusat Bandar Kuah; Phone: 604 966 3303 

Oriental Village

Located in Burau Bay in Pantai Kok area where the Cable Car ride takes place, Oriental Village is a great place to hunt for casual gift &ásouvenir items. There are lot many shops here that are dedicated only for souvenir &ágift items and they are all moderately priced. The hottest selling products are the T-Shirts &ásouvenirs. Check out Shopping at Oriental Village for full information. 

All Time Collections

This is a very popular store with the tourists looking for Langkawi imprinted T-shirts, dress materials for men &áwomen, some nice batik printed clothes etc. They are all very reasonably priced. The staffs here are quite friendly as well and they won't get tired showing you the stock. You can also do a bit of bargaining here. The store is located in Kuah. 
23, Jalan Pandak Mayah 1, Kuah; Phone: +(604) 966 4663 

Souvenir Shopp'e

This is a large chain and a branch is located in Pantai Tengah near the Holiday Villa Resort. They offer various handcrafted souvenir items made of Wood, Bamboo, Marble, Leather, Ceramics etc. They also keep silver jewelry, summer wears, batik prints etc. 
Lot.589, Kampung Simpang Tiga, Pantai Tengah, Langkawi. 
Phone: 604-9555992; Cell: 6012-4086613 

Gifts &áSouvenir shops in Pantai Cenang

There are a myriad of souvenir stores along both sides of the street in Pantai Cenang selling all kinds of items. Check out Pantai Cenang Shopping where I have discussed several of them and their offerings. 

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