Top Hotels in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang is the tourist hot spot in Langkawi. Due its signature white sandy beach taking a horseshoe like curve and fringed with coconut trees, Pantai Cenang has become a tourist favorite. As a result, there are large number of hotels of all kinds that have come up in the area. 
Along the beach, there is a beeline of hotels leaving not even a single inch of ground free. In fact so close are these hotels and resorts to each other, any outsider who wants to access the public beach will struggle to find an approach between the hotels. While the beach area is full of mostly budget and mid-range hotels, there are also several luxury resorts and hotels located on and close to the beach.  
Many resorts have chalets (cottage like accommodations) offering an exclusive experience on the beach. Surprisingly, many of them are inexpensive but quite nice. Hotels in Pantai Cenang area are all within 15 minutes by taxi from the Langkawi International Airport. 
Most budget and mid-range hotels in Pantai Cenang operate only on lodging basis. They may have a restaurant in the premises, but mostly leased out to third parties who run the restaurants. Almost all have in-house travel and tour desk offering sightseeing, boat tours and car rentals. However in many cases, car rentals and tours from independent agencies are cheaper and equally effective. 
And there are plenty of guesthouses, inns and motels that have come up little in the interior, however most within walking distance from the beach. Jalan Pantai Cenang is the main road that runs parallel to the beach. Most hotels facing the beach would have their entrance from this road. And on both side of this road you will find countless shops, spas and restaurants of all types. So other than eating at the hotel, you have plenty of options here for dining. 

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Great hotels in Pantai Cenang

Below are my select list of hotels in Pantai Cenang that offer great value and services. I have selected them based on our family experience and explorations. They all have standard amenities like in-room AC, TV, fridge (in many) etc. I have arranged them from low to high budgets. As you visit the links, you will get my detailed reviews. 
Hotel Categories &áApproximate Rates: 
Budget: RM60-RM175; Mid-Range: RM175-RM300; Luxury: Above RM300 

White Lodge Chalet

Located near the southern end of Pantai Cenang, the hotel has 22 rooms with a garden setting and offers free in-room wi-fi. Most rooms have private balconies overlooking the garden. This is a lodging only hotel and no food is served. The location is quiet and a little away from the beach but quite convenient. The Pantai Cenang beach, shops and restaurants are only 5-6 minutes walk.  

Sweet Inn Motel

Free Wi-Fi in common area, 20 rooms. 
On a side road leading out of Jalan Pantai Cenang. 5-minute Walking distance from the beach. 

AB Motel

Located on Jalan Pantai Cenang road. They have two sections, one on the beach side and the second across the road. So they have both beach side and road side rooms on offer. It is a lodging only hotel with standard amenities, but no food. They have a travel desk offering local sightseeing and boat tours at attractive rates. 

Motel Aurora Damai

Nice clean cottage type rooms for couples and families in a quiet environment with lots of greenery and open space. It's located about 2kms from the Cenang beach. Rooms come with standard amenities including air-con, electric kettle, bathroom with geyser, TV etc.  

Cenang Memories Motel

This is a small motel located about 1km from the Cenang beach. The hotel is relatively new and offers clean, spacious family rooms (with two double beds in each) with good facilities for its category including flat screen TV with few astro channels, electric kettle along with tea/coffee, free drinking water from the dispenser, free wifi, hot &ácold shower in bathrooms etc. 

Tanjung Malie Beach Motel

(Budget) X Closed down 
Located next to Mali Perdana Resort off Jalan Pantai Cenang. 70 rooms. Several rooms (on a row of barrack style rooms) are near the water front with a common open space. In fact the water front end of the hotel is common with Mali Perdana Resort. The beach is few steps away. Offers free wi-fi other than standard amenities. 

Langkapuri Inn

On Cenang Beach. The new building has two stories and extends up to the beach with nice beach view rooms. With 53 rooms, the hotel has all basic amenities including free wi-fi in common area, air con, mini fridge, TV etc. 

Salsa Resort

This hotel has both double and family rooms offering basic yet nice amenities includinf fast &áfree wifi, air-conditioning, attached bath with hot &ácold showers, TV etc. It's located about 25 minute walk (or 5 minute drive) from the Cenang beach. There is no in-house restaurant though. 

Malibest Resort

Located next to Melati Tanjung and on Pantai Cenang Beach, this is a Baron group hotel and one of the best the group has in Pantai Cennag. It has a mix of beachside chalets and rooms in two storied buildings scattered over a large space. There are 96 rooms in total. Free wi-fi available in common area. 

Best Star Resort

Another Baron group beach side hotel located on Jalan Pantai Cenang road. Offers free in-room wi-fi internet access. Best part is its location... great view of the beach from Deluxe rooms. Staffs are also quite friendly. Room tariff includes breakfast and tea. There is car parking in front. 

Melati Tanjung Motel

Located at the heart and on the Pantai Cenang Beach, the entrance of this hotel is from the road Jalan Pantai Cenang. The hotel has recently built new floors and has large number of rooms with many facing the beach. 

Langgura Baron Resort

(Budget/Mid Range) 
Located across the street from beach. Has rooms consisting of timber chalets and brick rooms. It's a 2 star hotel of Baron group with all basic amenities including free wi-fi in common area. Although there is no in-house restaurant, there are numerous shops and restaurants just outside on the road. 

Gemalai Village

(Mid Range) 
Operated by Langkawi Development Authority and located inside Laman Padi compound, this small resort comprises of 6 cottages that are built in traditional Malay style. This is a great way to experience traditional village stay in Langkawi yet enjoying modern facilities. The cottages are surrounded by vast paddy fields and greenery. It's like a farmhouse stay. At the same time many shops, restaurants and even the beach is only 10 minute walk from the entrance giving you plenty of options. 

Casa Fina Fine Homes

On Jalan Pantai Cenang towards its southern end and opposite to Underwater World, Mc Donals and Duty Free stores. It's a prime location. Most rooms are of cabin style in chalets and have verandas overlooking the garden. They have double, triple and large family rooms and even a villa with 3 rooms plus living room &ákitchen. Beach is only 5 minute walk. Free in-room wi-fi. 

Beach Garden Resort

(Mid Range) X Closed down 
This is a small boutique hotel with 12 rooms and located right on the Pantai Cenang beach. Although it has a mini pool, one of the most popular offerings here is its small garden bistro by the side of the beach and its lovely ambience with coconut trees. Update April 2013: Effective 4th April 2013, Beach Garden Resort and all its facilities have closed down due to a legal dispute between the hotel management and landlord. Landlord's families and villagers have taken over the property. It is not known if the resort may reopen in near future. 

Casa Del Mar

This is a 4-star boutique hotel located right on the Pantai Cenang beach and offering 34 beautiful rooms all facing the beach. The entrance is from Jalan Pantai Cenang road. 
This is a luxury hotel on a small island located at a short 7-minute boat ride off the shore. Being in an island, the resort is ideal for a quiet stay with wonderful views of the water. There are 71 rooms and suites. The resort has its own private beach, an open air large pool, a marina, fitness center, spa, restaurant specializing in Indian and Malay cuisine, a bar, in-house wi-fi etc. Complimentary boat rides are available for guests to visit the main island. 

Bon Ton Resort

8 villas all finished with classical Malaysian touch resembling the traditional Malay architecture amidst lush greenery &áplantations, and some facing the outdoor pool. Bon Ton offers luxury accommodation and a great restaurant. With its entry from Jalan Pantai Cenang road, the resort is only few minutes walk from the Pantai Cenang beach. 

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort &áSpa

This is a 5-star beachside resort with 350 rooms and having its entrance on Jalan Pantai Cenang road. The hotel has been newly refurbished. The setting includes typical Malaysian village architecture, tropical gardens and beach. It has many waterfront chalets as well. 

Temple Tree Resort

Located inside the Bon Ton Resort area, Temple Tree has several classic villas and houses of different ethnic styles. There are 16 rooms/units and all have classic furnishing &áfinish. It is only few minutes walk from the beach. 

Mali Perdana Resort

á(Location: Pantai Cenang) X Closed down in 2014 
This is one of my personal favorites. It's located at the southern end of Pantai Cenang and has access to the beautiful Pantai Tengah beach through its back side. There is a wonderful backside courtyard common with Tanjung Mali Resort where you can sit under coconut trees and enjoy the view of the water. Other than clean rooms with a/c, hot &ácold shower and other standard amenities, the hotel offers free self service tea &ácoffee at the reception area, free wi-fi in the common area. Some rooms like #10 and 20 have great sea view and have additional amenities like small fridge, lounge chairs etc. 

Baiduri's Place

(Budget) áX Closed down 
On Jalan Pantai Cenang road and near its southern end. It's a small hotel with only 3 rooms and located in the same area where Mali Perdana Resort and Tanjung Mali Resorts are located. In-room free wi-fi access available. 

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